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Dance of the Troglodytes

Dance of the Troglodytes

Composed by Naomi Styles

ISMN: 979-0-9002253-4-4
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Dance of the Troglodytes tells the story of human evolution. After the initial cornet flourish, when the basses begin their plodding theme, it is not hard to imagine cavemen lumbering along in their unwieldy clothes, hammering with their simple tools. One by one, the lower then the higher instruments join in, symbolising population rise. Each instrument brings in its own variation or innovation, just as human development brought wheels, agriculture and industry. The xylophone is the last instrument to join in, and although its woody tone hearkens back to the simple tools of our ancestors, the music has moved on a great deal since its humble beginnings. Now it is fast, energetic and relentless - just like the modern world. Dance of the Troglodytes is a fun, enigmatic piece of music which will pose no difficulties for a lower level band, but will challenge your tuned percussion player!

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