Junior Band Music

Junior Band Music

Our 3-level RisingStarsSeries is developed for junior and training bands in mind. Constructed as flexisets, these titles suit all sizes of junior brass band outfits.

Devilish Publishing’s RisingStars Series is an exceptionally cost effective way to increase your junior/training band's repertoire, sent straight to your email inbox for you to enjoy today.

Comprised of 3 difficulty levels, the RisingStars Series is scored as a flexiset. Level 1 has 4 distinct instrumental parts (no percussion), Level 2 has 6 distinct instrumental parts plus 2 percussion players, and Level 3 has 10 distinct instrumental parts plus 2 percussion players. And of course, as each level progresses, as does the difficulty; a training band series that follows the development of your band and players!

The best is yet to come…
Supplied with every publication at every level in the series is fully transposed parts for every instrument of a full brass band. So if your junior band has as little as 4 players, or as many as 50+, these publications contain all the instrumental parts you’ll need for your brass-band-in-training.

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