• JL Cooper DataSync

The piece of kit you need to sync any ADAT to your DAW. Comes supplied with power supply and 9-pin sync cable.

This is the original DataSync from JLCooper and allows your ADAT to be the master timecode and transport. Just hook up the supplied sync cable from the ADAT sync out to the ADAT in on the DataSync, and connect your MIDI IN connector from your computer or sequencer, and so long as your DAW can chase and sync to MTC (almost all do, but double check before purchasing), your DAW will be in sync with the ADAT.

MTC (MIDI Timecode is really just SMPTE Timecode in MIDI data).

Remember, it is the ADAT that is the master. If you don't yet have the BRC or LRC, consider the LRC (little remote control) to make your recording sessions easier.

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JL Cooper DataSync

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