'New' March Journal

Ideal for the Whit Friday marches, the Devilish Publishing 'New' March Journal is a growing set of road marches for brass band, supplied in A5 march card format. At present we have marches by Simon Kerwin, Jonathan Bates and James McFadyen. We are keen to build on this journal over the next 10 years to provide a new standard of brass band road marches for the 21st Century.

This catalogue will interest those who participate in the Whit Friday marches, held each year in the areas of Saddleworth and Tameside.

The Whit Friday marches is an important date on the calendar for many brass bands, not only in the UK, but international bands flock to this part of the UK to participate in this famous event. Additionally, and no less credible are the formation of scratch bands, such as the now infamous, Chav Brass.

The format of the Whit Friday marches is bands visit several venues around the area; upon registering, they are added to the list of bands so far registered and it is hopeful that the bands will not have to wait too long in order to play. A 'runner', typically someone with youthful appetite is chosen to literally run to the contest registering area in a bid to get registered as quickly as possible.

The Whit Friday performance consists of a march-down, where bands march down the road to the contest area; this is an opportunity for some bands to let their hair down and play something entertaining and audience-engaging. ON the Whit Friday contest itself, a march is played (without percussion) and bands are judged in closed adjudication.

The Whit Friday marches usually begin around 4:00 p.m. and can go on up around 11:30 p.m. Each venue is in control of its finishing time and some venues stop admitting bands earlier than others.

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