The Complete Band Trainer (Conductor)

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The Conductor instrument book of The Complete Band Trainer Vol.1.


The Conductor book of The Complete Band Trainer Vol.1.

The perfect book to increase the command of your instrument, covering 10 elements for group and individual practise. Although intended for use as a band trainer, individuals will find this is a valuable training book in their arsenal.

What Conductors Do

Conductors serve many purposes within a brass band. One on hand, they are time, tempo and meter keepers, and on the other hand, the are musical interpreters.

Aside from the practical baton technique, there are other more pertinent matters to attend with; a conductor must show great leadership, not only through technique and discipline, but also through people skills. Conductors plan rehearsals and concerts, and programme effectively for their audience.

Brass Bands is an amateur platform, and brass band conductors needs to understand that their players will require continual coaching in how they approach music and performing. For this reason, conductors will require an outstanding level of musicianship, delivered with tolerance, perseverance and honesty.

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