The Complete Band Trainer (E-Flat Bass)

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The Eb Bass instrument book of The Complete Band Trainer Vol.1.


The Eb Bass instrument book of The Complete Band Trainer Vol.1.

The perfect book to increase the command of your instrument, covering 10 elements for group and individual practise. Although intended for use as a band trainer, individuals will find this is a valuable training book in their arsenal.

About the Eb Bass

The Eb Bass could be termed as the real bass of the brass band, and that the Bb Bass provides a deep sub-bass to the Eb Bass notes. Whilst not always the case, it cannot be denied that the Eb Bass has a silky bass sound.

It is capable throughout it's compass and some composers have utilised it's upper range to great effect. Rarely, though are the notes so high that more than one ledger line is needed. There is scope of notes within this range, but its effect should be considered, and perhaps the smart move would be to utilise the the Euphonium.

Solo pieces are more common on the Eb Bass than the Bb; the range and size of the instrument lends itself well here, although a Bb player of a certain standard could play a solo on the Bb Bass to great effect, even if rarely heard.

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