The Complete Band Trainer (Euphonium)

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The Euphonium instrument book of The Complete Band Trainer Vol.1.


The Euphonium instrument book of The Complete Band Trainer Vol.1.

The perfect book to increase the command of your instrument, covering 10 elements for group and individual practise. Although intended for use as a band trainer, individuals will find this is a valuable training book in their arsenal.

About the Euphonium

There are two Euphoniums in the brass band; the sound is wanting in power and silky, with a deep rich timbre. Essentially, the Euphonium is a tenor tuba, but its role within the brass band is rarely given a bass role, except for being lowest voice in a quartet.

Despite this, in the hands of an expert composer, and with careful consideration, the doubling of the bassline on the Euphonium can work effectively in some passages.

By the book, the Euphonium makes a good tenor instrument, and this it certainly does, but the brass band often uses the upper register of the Euphonium, realising the extreme usefulness of this range within the monotone brass sound. Its thick and beautiful sound does not get in the way of the delicate horns, and skilful composers learn to navigate this register of the Euphonium to the benefit of the overall band sound.

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